Who we are

Eigal is proud to have the satisfaction of its customers in more than a decade of experience in the cabinet industry, designing and installing kitchen systems, wardrobes and sanitary wares. It is a pleasure for our competitors and colleagues. 

The high quality and variety of the original products has always been a concern for the management of this set and has been trying to keep pace with the up-to-date technology and European standards. For this reason, in collaboration with some German, Austrian, Spanish, Italian and Belgian brands, it always strives to improve the quality and efficiency of its products.

The success of the Eigal brand and the acquisition of suitable suites among customers, with the following policies and patterns are possible:

+ Use of quality and diverse products and materials,

+ Applying the latest technology of the day and modern Italian and German machines,

+ Stylish and functional design according to customer’s requirements and needs and provide the best solution regarding to available space.


The most important, on time delivery according to the time defined for the project.


Our products have warranty and gold after sales service. The Eigal slogan is “customer orientation”

 and this will be reachable with respect to the customer’s demands.