Who we are

About Eigal

Eigal Company is distinguished with more than a decade of experience and specialty in cabinet industry, in the field of design and fabrication of kitchen systems, wall-mounted closets and sanitary services, satisfies clients and be brilliant among colleagues.
High quality and diversity of raw materials have been always a concern of this company and we endeavor to promote quality and efficiency of production in tandem with methods of modern design in cooperation with global well-known brands.

Success of Eigal brand and achievement of proper position among clients is obtained by considering the following cases:

– Utilization of high quality and diverse products and materials;

– Experienced and specialist supervision, design and execution teams;

– Utilization of newest production methods;

– On time delivery of job (orders) based on schedule;

– Presentation of guarantee and after-sale services.

Our products have guarantee and after-sale services. Eigal’s motto is customer orientation, which is not achieved without respecting client’s requests.